Mint green is the new black


Okay, so I will admit that I am a little on the back burner with this colour trend, but never the less, my colour selection for this month is mint green. It’s versatile, soft, gender neutral and can be used in almost any room in the house: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and nursery – you get it.

Mint Green Bedroom

Mint Green Bedroom

I chose this colour for my main bedroom almost two years ago and little did I know that my taste would once again be a popular choice for all.

The colour on the walls is Plascon Gentle Caress which I used for the bathroom and bedroom – two different paint types in the same colour: Bathrooms and Kitchens finish for the bathroom and then Double Velvet for inside. Using enamel based paint products means that the bathroom walls are protected against fungus, bacteria and mould. Otherwise, the interior paint finish is up to you, but I would suggest a matt finish for this particular colour.

Mint Green Bathroom

Mint Green Bathroom

As an avid decorator’s home is a constantly evolving sanctuary of experimentation, I too have made some recent small changes to compliment the mint colour, including lamp shades, pillow cases and some crates for storage, admittedly all from Mr Price Home who seems to be on the money when it comes to the latest colour trends, but you can get the latest mint green accessories from any mainstream decor shop.

In terms of your finishes, a wood finish or white looks fabulous with mint green!

Mint Green Lamp Shade

Accessorize with Mint Green

*Photographs by John Guest and Michele Cawood*


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