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Copper Comeback with traditional, avantgarde or modern decor

Copper Comeback with traditional, avantgarde or modern decor

If you are like a magpie and cannot resist the glint off the edge of shiny piece of eye candy, guys and gals, this one is for you! We have gone copper crazy….

So, it is clear that we are now in an era where we are no longer living with the choices that brands feed to us, but rather the consumer is the one that decides what we want – and with this comes choice and boy there is a lot of it!

Different colour finishes are now becoming more readily available. I have always been a sucker for copper – running around the 2nd hand stores looking for those old copper titbits that are still in good condition. Don’t get me wrong, 2nd hand shops are still a great place to find copper antiques, but things are exciting now with various industries producing their products in a copper finish as a standard.

I can only tell you the things that I like that I have seen….

Cluster of copper light boxes by Lacoli & Mcallister

Cluster of copper light boxes by Lacoli & Mcallister

Copper light fittings

There is a huge variety of copper lighting available for indoor, outdoor as well as amazing pendant lights to make the perfect center-piece in the home. This is an Iacoli & McAllister’s light fitting featuring a suspended collection of copper cubes.

Carrol Boyes Fire collection – embrace copper vase

“The colour and warmth of this fiery metal gives it an indulgent feel. Now that copper is enjoying a revival, Carrol felt it was the right time to introduce it into the range in a modern form.”

 Copper in the kitchen

I am still a fan of the old school look of copper hanging above the stove in the kitchen, though I wouldn’t dream of using the pots for actual cooking!

 Copper in the bathroom

Again, this is the old school, traditional part of me that likes this look, but there is now a modern revelational twist on this one. Shower and basin mixer taps are now available in this red gold finish from Axor and Hansgrohe.



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