Faux fauna & flora

So, just because you are an animal lover doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the majestic beauty that the imagery of nature brings to a home. Having been a vegetarian myself, I was often challenged by that beautiful cow skin rug and the sheepskin throw, BUT I can happily say that I have not given in and you don’t have to either now that faux taxidermy and textiles are all the rage.

Faux Taxidermy

Faux Taxidermy *Credit Amazon & CraftyGentleman.net*

The different types of faux we can find I would categorize into:

  • fur – being the skin rugs and throws;
  • flowers – made from paper, beads or ceramics
  • fauna – taxidermy of animals using paper, moulds and beads

Although generally synthetic, there are the most amazingly luxurious throws and blankets being produced at a price that you can now afford! And you do not have to feel bad. From faux wool to bear and fox fur, you can find almost anything… and they look and feel heavenly!

There is nothing more beautiful than an orchid in bloom, but you would be surprised at the plastic, beaded, ceramic and paper flowers that are on the market these days. They often look better than the real thing and the bonus is that they don’t die.

Faux orchids, ceramic flowers & faux bear fur

Faux orchids, ceramic flowers & faux bear fur


So, by fauna, I was alluding to the the idea of the poor woodland creatures that are hunted and then put up on a wall. Obviously taxidermy doesn’t stop there as it includes all sorts of other creatures. The new faux taxidermy comes in all sorts of materials from paper, to beading and textiles. What is awesome about the new trend of faux taxidermy is that it includes all sorts of imaginary animals too, like unicorns, giant squid tentacles and hell, even the rear end of a beaver! Loving the creativity shown here by The Crafty Gentleman.

You can now be kind to animals and decorate your home with faux fur, flowers and furry friends.