Bringing the outdoors in

I am always inspired by the sheer size and the work that goes into the national gardens around the world, but let’s face it, space is becoming a rarity and we need to make the most of the space that we have got – and what better way to do that than with style! Let’s have a look at some new ways of bringing the outside – inside – with some hanging gardens in the home.

Mini cactus garden in glass

Mini cactus garden in glass from

Here we look at some examples of space saving techniques using glass with these hanging and wall mounted “gardens”. The wonderful thing about glass (especially clear glass) is that it gives a subtle presence by giving focus to the inspiration within, but yet it is the silent hero of decor. The trick is to choose a succulent plant that will not grow too large, but it will need plenty of sunlight and little water. You will also need to feed the plant with a liquid food as it will not have much room for root expansion.

I came across some inspiring glass planters in the shape of fruit and there are plenty that are made of stained glass too. Planting in these vessels can be a bit tricky, so be careful not to cut yourself.

Glass planters wall mounted

Glass planters wall mounted

Then you can also look into these plants that can grow in water – I am not too clued up on this, but I know certain bamboo variants can grow in water, but you will of course need to feed them and replace with fresh water regularly. Rather consult your local gardening center for more information.

The trend at the current moment is what I call the “pot-less hanging plant”. A plant based textile is used to wrap the ball of roots and soil and then bound with string. The trick to keeping these plants alive is quite similar to most indoor plants – lots of natural light, do not over water (once a week submersion for 20 minutes in winter and twice a week in summer) and do not forget to feed with liquid plant food every two weeks.

Hanging moss planter

Hanging moss planter – image from IdeasRealised

Happy planting!