Inspired by Expo

So, every year I patiently wait for the Homemakers Expo. This is your typical end consumer fair and is somewhere in between fabulous! and good value for money. Got it?

Some great trends being presented by the some design houses and then some craftsman. There was definitely a very raw, natural feel coming from many of the displays.

Raw natural look decor

Left: InHouse Furniture Right: Interior Concepts InVogue

InHouse Decor and Interior Concepts show us how do incorporate the raw wood feel with wooden stumps into furniture of the home. A beautiful lamp base and a coffee table/ stool are shown here. The trick is that the wood needs to be treated in order not to deteriorate over time and also be sanded down very well. I suggest you leave this one up to the experts. These items are slowly becoming more well priced.

Light Box wall art left and funky shelving concept right

Light Box wall art left and funky shelving concept right

Tuis/Home shows us how lovely little trinkets can be displayed (right) and a new type of wall art is shown by means of light boxes where you can customize the graphics you use.

When I saw these re purposed wooden creatures, I knew I had to have them. Sadly I cannot remember who they are made by! Maybe comment and let me know?

Repurposed wooden look creatures

Repurposed wooden look creatures


Read more on the expo here.

Repurposed Pallet Furniture

I recently helped in organizing a launch at the company I work for and part of the task was to organize the event furniture. Having some help from a colleague in my office, we had a look at the furniture available for rental. Boy, how things have changed in the past few years. I have heard about people making their own furniture out of crates, but it seems to be a DIY trend in the making….

Pallet Furniture

Furniture is being fashioned from recycled pallets and looks amazing

People are making everything from coffee tables, to chairs and even staircases. This is a great way of repurposing old materials, BUT, the truth is that you probably wouldn’t want to use old materials to make these kinds of structures. The wood has to still be solid and sound, so unless you wish to specifically get the look of a pallet (which you would need to buy new by the way and would be hard to find unless you have connections), you are better off just buying some raw pine wood from your local DIY shop. Either that, or you will find someone who has taken advantage of this trend and decided to retail this style of furniture.

My tips would be, make use of wood that is not too thin, is not too raw or rough, considering whether it is in contact with skin or not, and wood that is unmarked or unbranded.

We welcome this new trend to Decor Design Ideas because it’s refreshing!

Pallet or crate furniture

Pallet table and couch make for stylish decor

**Pallet furniture from Inspire Furniture**




Inspired by the simple life

Fynbos Header

This past week took me on a journey to the Cape Winelands where I stayed in a stone cabin in Tulbagh for 4 days. While I went there in part to find myself, I also found that the simple, nature inspired means of building is in fact very beautiful, but also very, very clever.

Use what you have around you – this is how our ancestors have been doing it for thousands of years and perhaps we should take a page from that age old book and incorporate this into our own lives, especially if it looks this beautiful?

The cabin I stayed in was, as mentioned, made of stone. This type of stone is clearly indigenous to this area as the ground is saturated with it. It would in fact be very easy to gather up enough of the correct size to accommodate a small cabin like this of 30 square meters or so.

Raw wood trusses

Raw wood trusses inspired by the simple life

The next thing that caught my eye was the natural, raw wooden trusses used for the pitched, open ceiling. They are finished in a clear varnish, which I think shows off the rustic nature quite nicely. The poles appear to be made from the either pine or blue gum (the latter I think is more likely). The retreat is running an alien tree removal program, which making using these flora species all the better for building materials – bonus!

The last little feature, I thought quite the splash of luxury – excuse the pun. The little 2 x 1 m splash pool is built into the patio and works by a simple “fill when needed, empty when not needed principle”. At the time when I though about it, I thought, “Gosh, that doesn’t seem all that eco-friendly, now does it?” But when I thought about it some more, I realised that if you are using it a few times a year with your own source of water (either borehole or a spring), you can simply and inexpensively use a small pool like this to cool down instead of an air-conditioner, right? I think so…

*Images are of cabins at Blue Butterfly Retreat in Tulbagh*

Splash pool inspired by the simple life

Splash pool inspired by the simple life